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“Regardless of what your organization does, the government relations function is essential. Top companies make sure that their organizations excel at lobbying and industry-group participation. By having staff dedicated to handling tasks such as identifying issues, developing positions, and gathering compelling international benchmarks, your company can anticipate a much broader range of possible regulatory outcomes. Notably, leading groups quantify the impact of these outcomes on all parties involved, not just their own companies, by including the regulator and even the broader industry in their analyses. This approach dramatically improves the quality of engagement and can even break through seemingly deadlocked situations—for example, when a company can quickly and accurately show a regulatory proposal’s negative consequences for national employment rates or tax revenues.

Regardless of how the government-affairs function may be structured, companies that take its role seriously typically give it some prominence on the organizational chart. Engagement with high-level stakeholders (such as government ministers), after all, is a CEO-level concern, so having the function’s leader report to the chief executive, or at most one level down, is appropriate.”

Excerpt from Government Relations Consulting Seminar for Clients run by;

Andrew Defor, Senior Partner and Head of Government Relations Management Consulting Practice at Rosflo’s Head Office in Canada



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