We recognise that “Health is Everything” and work with you to provide the best solutions to community healthcare challenges by designing health System strengthening interventions that are impactful, cost-effective and sustainable. Our health consultants are best in class and have successfully tackled some of Africa’s biggest health problems. We are your trusted advisors on healthcare.

 “Impact Assessment” should Read “Impact Management”

We carry out social and health impact assessments in line with the regulatory requirements and your business objectives in order to proactively manage your organization’s reputation,strengthen your brand and do the right thing, right. Ultimately, our desire is to improve the overall performance of your business in a socially responsible manner.

 “Project Management” should read “Project and Program Management for Development”

We pride ourselves as leaders in delivering quality project management services specifically for Social And Development Sectors.  Our team of professional project and program managers will work with you from concept to execution to transition and closing.   We create the right framework for your project aand ensure delivery of successful and impactful projects and programs